About Us

About us

MobYoung is founded in 2017 with a mission to empower mobile businesses to prosper. Our founding members know intimately of the challenges of growing a new product amongst the ever-increasing competition both locally and internationally. It is therefore our passion to be enablers and supporters for very talented teams to realize their goals and grow quickly and certainly.

Our Work

As subject matter experts in the area of user traffic, we employ automated AI algorithms to combine big data and human intuition to reach the highest quality users. With our extensive network of partners and resources, we deliver high quality users at considerable scale efficiently. Our familiarity with the industry allows us to operate with simplicity, always having our esteemed client’s interest and goals as the utmost priority.





Our Team

Our founding members have extensive experience in mobility marketing, advertising and the Internet of Things at large. Their keen business acumen allows freedom for creativity while stewarding long term strategic success. Our internationalized work value and environment allows us to attract top talents from major institutions such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Unity. We are a team of people that understands intent, priorities and commitment, all of which enables us to serve you better.